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Freestyle is back... InfinityChess soft launch

Posted by freestyle-chess on January 19, 2012 at 4:10 AM Comments comments (12)

InfinityChess Beta Soft Launch InfinityChess is going for beta soft launch on January 21th, 2012. After two years of development we like to present you a completely new chess server.

Easy to install applications and upgrade within a few minutes.

InfinityChess offers a professional client software for free. Enjoy gaming by various play modes: human, engine or centaur.Enjoy our eye-catching graphics and high functionality.

InfinityChess combines ease of use with rich features, offline and online module, support for all UCI chess engines, various rooms for many kind of activities.

Ranking and rating systems for all play modes and rates of play. Bullet, blitz, rapid and long games. ‘Fini’ server currency, 10 Fini = 1 US$.

Moderators and admins online available for help and information. Tournament formats: Round robin, Knockout & Scheveningen. Users can organize their own tours, if ranked bishop or higher. Detailed tour tables and chat info's keep you always up to date. US$ 1’150,- Prize money for each of our Freestyle tours

starting every 2 weeks (Feb. 1, Feb. 15., March 1 and March 15).

Fini Welcome Gift: 100 Fini for each of the first 100 participants of our Freestyle Tournaments. Further enhancements planned like: Swiss tournaments, broadcasting and correspondence chess.

We will be pleased to meet you on the server and receive your feedback, which will

help us to sort out bugs and improve InfinityChess. Start playing straight away as guest or create your own account today.

Mundial Chess

Posted by freestyle-chess on November 2, 2009 at 9:23 AM Comments comments (4)


The organizers of wish to address a statement to all its users and participants regarding two major changes to the 1st International Online Advanced Chess Tournament.


1 - The final modification of the tournament's start date, which is now scheduled for January 8, 2010. Whereupon the official registration period will remain open until January 3, 2010.


2 - An important change in the site for the final awards and special prizes for those classified in the top eight positions from each tournament. The organizers of are committed to the philosophy and main idea of this tournament, which is to take any player in the world (regardless of their level) closer to the best tournaments in the chess arena and to feel at 100% the play of those with the greatest strength and international prestige. A change of venue for said event has been inevitable.


For its 1st edition it was decided that the place and festival elected would be the VIII International Chess Festival in Benidorm (Gran Hotel Bali) which now and for reasons beyond our control, will not provide that environment, thus the festival or tournament in which that event will take place is currently being studied by the organizers of


All this will be announced and published in the coming days on our website, as well as in other media. Also, all registered users and players will receive the newsletter according to each news item.


Similarly, we confirm that the player who will face the lucky winners is the current number one on the FIDE ranking, Veselin Topalov.


Fees and promotions for all registered users remain intact. The full year access to the playing zone, as well as additional promotions (which are included with your registration), will be enacted after the tournament has ended. At the same time, users who want to try our play zone will have FREE access until the tournament's start date.


For more information or any enquiry you may have, please use our support ticket system





Sending spam (unsolicited commercial email) is not permitted through our network. The information contained in this email is confidential to, being for the exclusive use of the above target. The incorrect transmission of this message never supposed to surrender your privacy. If you read this message and the recipient is not identified or the employee or agent responsible for delivering the message to the recipient, or have received this communication in error, we inform you that any disclosure is prohibited, distribution or reproduction of this communication, and we ask you to notify us and return the original message to the address above. This message is sent in accordance with new legislation on e-mail: by section 301, paragraph (a) (2) (C) of S.1618 under Decree S.1618 Title 3ro. 105 adopted by the congress of the international regulations on SPAM, this e-mail may not be considered as SPAM includes a form to be removed.

If you like to unsubscribe for this service click Here.

'Advanced Chess online tour with huge prize funds

Posted by freestyle-chess on September 5, 2009 at 1:38 AM Comments comments (0)

It?s not my idea to advertise the tournament of a big and powerfulcompany, but over the past days and weeks I wondered quite often, whythere has been no note and no discussion on the ?1st InternationalOnline Advanced Chess Tournament? on with prize funds of more than 130,000 Euros, starting on October 5th.


Fora while I was not quite sure, how the organizers define ?advancedchess? (they even spoke of ?Freistilschach?!) as they chose the strangetime format of 10m+1s per game and player and as in an earlier document they wrote:

?GAMECONTROL: There shall be an arbitration committee composed ofCounsellors, GM and International Arbiters who may be qualified to determine the loss of the game being deemed to have received any aid.The Committee may act on its own motion or upon complaints laid by aparticipant. For more information go to the SportsDiscipline Rules."


As I saw yesterday, they may have read my request - they deleted the text in bold type, so it seems they are reallyplanning an Advanced Chess tour. Though there will still be much ?GameControl?, as e.g. players are not allowed to chat with other players during their games.


Anyway,as for anyone experienced in computer chess this seems to be anexcellent opportunity to win some thousand Euros, I expect that many ofYOU ? esp. many freestylers ? will like to have a try. There are three categories with the following top cash prizes:

A) without FIDE-Elo up to FIDE-Elo 1500 (29,312 Euro, rank 1-4),

B) up to FIDE-Elo 2200 (25,554 Euro, rank 1-4) and

C) FIDE-Elo 2200+ (20,293 Euro, rank 1-4).

In addition there are more cash prizes and also special prizes.


Probablythey expect the most players joining category A; while I find it funnyto consider that this most probably will also be the hardest group interms of computer chess


Now, there are two reasons why I am posting this:

a)Our own scheduling plans for a freestyle tour as proposed by privatesponsor ?Highendman? (and may be InfinityChess as co-sponsor) have tocount with a strong interest in the mundialchess tour between Oct. 5thand November 10th. I suggest, we should definitely not start before the end of this tour.

b) It is of general interest forall freestylers and probably also computer chess fans to watch thisevent, to discuss the concept and may be to join in (registration feeis 40 Euro).



Dear Freestylers,

Posted by freestyle-chess on January 16, 2009 at 4:48 AM Comments comments (2)


Dear Freestylers,
please find enclosed the list of all 40 registrations, we received for the upcoming "1st IC Freestyle Masters". SEE BELOW
That's how the start list will most probably look like, though usually there will be some small changes, as not all players show up (or at least not in time, please be already there at 18:00 CET for version check; start is 19:00 CET). Also we might see further players who like to join in.
At the start of the tournament we will also publish the real names behind all 'nicks'.
The Technical Manager, Mr. Sajeer, will assistant us as usual. He came just back from his vacation and contacted me. The Freestyle Masters Room will be created in time.
Please be aware that - due to incomplete server software - the pairings are not started by the server, but individually by the players; usually White will send a challenge to the opponent. This is what you have to do, after the TD (myself) starts the round:
1) click on your opponent's name
2) click on "challenge"
3) set the times correctly: 75 minutes + 15 seconds 
4) click on "unrated game" and choose "White" (if you are playing White) 
The pairings will be shown on the info site (same room, left beside the players list) and may be additionally in the chat.
In case of individual disconnections for any reasons you have to restart the interrupted games by yourself, as the server (and the TD) is not ready yet to restart games. Usually the player, who got not disconnected, will be able to click on the button "resume game" after his opponent is back on the server or back in the room.
Please, if you face any problem with the server during a game, do not log out without the permission of the TD and without informing your opponent, as this would raise the suspicion of a possible 'cheating'.
Normally you should be able to solve a technical problem, in case you had to go offline or you had been disconnected, within 10 minutes. If you don't reconnect within that time, the TD may decide on a loss against you. The same might be the case, if someone is individually disconnected for more than two times and thus causes big problems with the game. Yet, there will be no automatism, the TD will check carefully each situation and try to find fair solutions together with the players.
If both players get disconnected for any reason, it might be impossible to resume the game. In that case they should start a new game and just repeat the moves, while they also would have to simulate the correct times.
If you think, the server causes any wrong decision on a game, just contact the TD, please, as he will immediately check the situation and may be correct a wrong decision. (In some cases players experienced that the server asked them to "resign", when they wanted to close a window of an already finished game. (So, e.g. might the winner be asked to "resign", though is opponent is mated. Such a bug is of course without meaning for the result. The TD accepts and registrates only correct results, no matter what the server will show in the 'games list').
In case, there might be any bigger troubles like a server crash (though not to expect), stay please patiently and wait for new instructions after logging in again.
As this is a Freestyle event, you should be playing in centaur mode (that's the first you activate, when you enter the Freestyle Masters Room, click on "edit" and then "play mode"). As a centaur you are able to load an engine to your tournament game. So far the engine window has a specific size and cannot be moved to another place. If you don't like the arrangement on your screen, you might think of not using an engine here, but do all analysis on another pc, especially as the engine on the server does not allow you to do any interactive analysis (you will know about this from other servers too). Especially you should be careful, not to commit a 'mouse slip', when the board window is smaller than usual. (Also think of the fact, that you are most probably not used to playing on this board. Take your time for executing your moves carefully!)
A special problem after resuming an interrupted game may be the clocks. If the clocks show any serious defects, the TD will decide on how much time each side has left regardless, what the clocks actually show. 
I hope, I mentioned all important points. If not, I should add further information at the start of the event.
Good luck and lots of fun to all players and kibitzers!

Best Regards  
A r n o  N i c k e l
(General Manager)



Ultima(te) report The 8th freestyle Champion

Posted by freestyle-chess on July 12, 2008 at 9:46 AM Comments comments (2)
Hello All ! First of all I want to thank everyone who congratulated me on my win, and also who pictured me as a "psycho-killer" (I like this a lot as a new nick of mine on playchess

Briefly introducing myself, my name is Eros Riccio, I am 30 years old, I live in Italy, in Lucca. I started playing over the board chess at the age of 14, and now and then I still enjoy playing some "otb" tournaments, my current fide rating is 2203. Anyway, my favourite forms of chess are engine chess and correspondence chess. In the Playchess engine room you can find me with the nicks Auryn, Great Ozzie, and Ultima. With this "last" nick (Ultima in Italian means last one) I played the 8th Freestyle, and as a paradox, I was first with it.

Full Report HERE

A short report about Spaghetti's 8th Freestyle

Posted by freestyle-chess on July 12, 2008 at 9:43 AM Comments comments (0)


I am a 45 years old school teacher that lives and works in Palermo (Sicily). I'm married and i have  two young daughters that already play chess better than me. I'm weak on the board but I think I can say I'm a "computer chess specialist and experienced Freestyler" (as Arno Nickel wrote in his report).

Full Report HERE

Ultima 8th Freestyle Champion

Posted by freestyle-chess on May 20, 2008 at 5:11 AM Comments comments (0)

8th PAL/CSS Freestyle Tournament Final rapid 2008

Durchschnitt Elo: 2276 <=> Cat: 2
1Ultima  2600-193
????11?116.5 / 9 
2Regina H-Milch  1771+682?
?1???1?16.0 / 924.00
3Spaghetti Chess  2549-181??
????1116.0 / 922.75
4Rybusia  1772+639?0?
??11?15.5 / 9 
5Moro Gamgee  2478-184????
????15.0 / 920.00
6Luminarydebris  2483-1900????
??115.0 / 918.25
7Enchanter    0??0??
?114.5 / 9 
8Flyingfatman  2569-403?000???
?13.5 / 9 
9Snuggles  2540-4120?0??00?
13.0 / 9 
10Komodo1  1807-277000000000
0.0 / 9 

8th Freestyle Qualifier

Posted by freestyle-chess on April 30, 2008 at 5:03 AM Comments comments (0)
The first Freestyle tournament of this year has finished its qualifier open for the best of ten, who will be competing for the $16,000 dollar prize fund on April 25-27th. Once again many FIDE and correspondence chess title holders showed up for this online event, where "anything goes" ?computer help and consultation. But only few of them made their way up to the final. Arno Nickel reports.

Ibermax 7th Freestyle Champion

Posted by freestyle-chess on September 20, 2007 at 5:01 AM Comments comments (1)
Ibermax is comprised of the same team that has previously competed under Cato the Younger, Intagrand and other nicks. The Centaur leader is Anson Williams, 27, and assistant Centaur is Yingheng Wing Chen, 24; both live in London, UK.

7th Freestyle

Rajlich Team 6th Freestyle Champion

Posted by freestyle-chess on July 25, 2007 at 4:44 AM Comments comments (0)
For the first time in Freestyle a team has succeeded in regaining the title. Vasik Rajlich won the third event in June 2006, and now, together with his wife and French Defence expert IM Iweta Rajlich, has staged a come-back, winning the $16,000 finals on the Playchess server exactly one year later. The 32-processor computer "Mission Control" came sixth.

6th Freestyle