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Small Tent Will Still Fit In Most Full-Size Truck Beds

Posted by [email protected] on January 10, 2020 at 6:50 AM

Of course, the compact size also means you will have less space inside once set up. But this small tent will still fit in most full-size truck beds measuring 72 to 74 inches in length. Tent is floorless; you can set the camp or remove without removing the gear, you can decide truck bed mattress as long as you want and use full-size bed. It features a floorless design that allows you to set up or take down the tent without removing your gear from the bed.


This twin camping bed comes with all of the frills—ComfortCoils for a deep, sound sleep; 1-click internal pump for inflation/deflation in minutes; double height design and "sure grip" bottom to prevent sliding in the tent, and castle-wall durability—but is tiny enough to fit in tight spaces and your standard sheet fits snugly over it. Even though the size of the tent will depend on your vehicle but make sure you choose a truck bed tent that has enough space for you to sleep comfortably. To buy a good truck tent you need to consider lot of factors like size, material , style , installation , ventilation windows , poles and other features/add ons.

It features a floor-less design that allows you to set up or take down the tent without removing your gear from the bed.


It has a floor included as part of the tent design which makes it easier to set up and more secure in the way it fits into the bed of the truck. While this article focuses on truck bed tents, roof top tents are available for all vehicles - car tents, SUV tents - you name it. A truck bed or roof tent transforms your pickup truck into an incredibly comfortable, portable, and quick sleeping experience.

 It features a floorless design which makes it easy to pitch and take down the tent without having to remove your gears from your bed. Though the market for truck-bed tents continues to grow, no brand does it better than Napier Outdoors With the Backroadz, Napier delivers a tent with quality materials, thoughtful design, and a fully-covered floor that's easy to assemble. Truck-bed tents are the latest camping accessory designed to help campers sleep more comfortably.

Don't think you'll just be sleeping on your bed liner, though: these Napier truck tents feature sewn-in floors that cover your truck bed. Full-size tents need to be secured into the ground via a hammer and pegs, but truck bed ones can usually just be tied to the vehicle. Many people already enjoy driving their truck out to a camping site and simply sleeping in the bed of it. Unlike the other campers, those in truck beds don't need to lie on the hard ground, and risk having insects and other critters crawling into their sleeping bags.

In general, users have a positive opinion of the Guide Gear full-size truck tent and they agree that it fits well and is easy to set it up and take it down. He slept in it with the truck parked in the driveway the first night he got it. I was a little worried that it didn't have a floor but the sides fit snugly around and over the sides of the truck bed so there shouldn't be an issue if it rains, and it makes it much easier to set the tent up quickly if it is raining-no emptying the truck first. Truck bed tents are honestly fairly cheap and keeps you from setting up a tent on hard wet scary ground..

Truck bed tents come in a few standard sizes, but they are not guaranteed to be a perfect fit. If you drive a truck or SUV, it's time to consider taking your camping setup to the next level with one of these three tents. The tent camping game has been forever changed by the introduction of three types of specialized truck and SUV tents : ground attachment, truck bed, and rooftop tents.

Granted, this extra covering means clearing the truck bed of any gear before you pitch your tent in the back; you don't want to risk tearing the fabric on something sharp or sleeping on a pair of pliers. This sounds like a no-brainer, but it's important to note that different trucks demand differently sized truck bed tents. While every truck owner and camping fan will have their own set of shopping criteria, we've scoured online for the most popular truck tents to assess what features each has to offer.

 We don't usually endorse the idea of sleeping in your vehicle, but doing so in a truck bed tent sure beats waking up in soggy sleeping blanket, with a rock digging into your back and a mud puddle for a pillow. A truck bed tent can be the perfect tool if you want to enjoy sleeping outside without having to lie down on the ground like a peasant or a bear. Rightline Gear's Truck and SUV Tents allow you to experience camping wherever your vehicle can take you.



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