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General Tournament Rules of Freestyle Chess

Draft No. 2 by Arno Nickel (Ciron) and Nelson Hernandez (Cato the Younger)


Freestyle Chess is a live, online chess competition between humans who are allowed, within certain constraints, nearly unrestricted use of technical and human support to assist them in making their moves. Freestyle Chess adheres to an overarching “anything goes” philosophy that recognizes that a body of rules and procedures are needed to conduct orderly tournaments.

Freestyle Chess is similar to ‘Advanced Chess’, introduced by former world chess champion Garry Kasparov, and is also to some extent comparable with modern correspondence chess. Advanced Chess was invented for local live events with only incidental support by computers and no support from other humans; in contrast, powerful support from computers and humans are considered critical components of Freestyle Chess. In contrast to deeply analyzed correspondence games that usually require months to complete, Freestyle Chess is played at time controls similar to rapid chess, and thus play-intensity is much higher.

There is however one unifying motif which each of these chess competition formats share: they all endeavor to produce the highest-quality chess. Freestyle games frequently produce new opening theory, dazzling novelties and remarkable combinations.

The following rules define the rights, responsibilities and duties of the players and the tournament director.

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